Sunday Sippin' with Faith from Cause You Gotta Have Faith

Morning, kiddos! I'm so excited to be publishing this Sunday Sippin' series from the wonderful Faith, who blogs over at Cause You Gotta Have Faith. Girlfriend is seriously kicking butt and taking names with the whole getting fit thing, and is looking amazing. Take it away, my dear!


Hi hang on, honey readers! My name is Faith, and I blog over at 'Cause You Gotta Have Faith. Beth was gracious enough to let me take over her blog today and I will do my best not to disappoint!

One thing that Beth and I have in common, is that we are currently working on our fitness.
A quick back story about me - I have been fat overweight my entire life. I was never skinny, average, or even healthy at any point in my life. Always fat. I decided that enough was enough earlier this year and started focusing on eating clean and exercising 4-5x per week. I am currently about half way to my goal weight and I'm aiming to reach that goal in early 2014.

When I shared the truth about my weight on my blog, I called it The Vulnerable Truth, because I truly felt as though I was 'coming out' of the closet, if you will. I've done three posts that you can find: here, here, and here.

I'm currently doing a 90-day challenge with my roommate. The premises of which, clearly states that we CANNOT cheat during these 90 days. No alcohol, only 'clean' foods, and working out 6 days per week. Let me just tell you, this challenge is no joke... But I know that it's necessary. During this whole weight-loss process, and even so far in this 90-Day challenge, I have discovered that I truly crave bad foods at the most in-opportune times.

I don't know about you, but I could honestly go forever without 'craving' something, but the moment that I'm not supposed to have it, or I'm told that I can't, I instantly want it. Every day, I choose to eat clean and not fill my body with junk... but there are times when I really just want to eat all of the bad things I can get my hands on. Watching coworkers eat pizza, or kit-kat bars, even sandwiches, sucks balls (sorry for saying balls, Beth). 99.9% of the time I won't give in... but that other 0.1% of the time - watch out. I have no shame. Here are three of my weaknesses:

    Pizza. Oh, pizza. It is my weakness. It is my kryptonite. It is just too delicious, and now that I'm writing about it, I'm craving it.
    I was craving pizza really badly one day, and it wouldn't go away. I kept pushing the thought out of my mind and it would just come right back. This continued for 3 days before I finally gave in and told myself I would eat pizza. However, I felt like I truly needed to earn it. So I challenged myself: 1,000 squats in 4 days and I could have pizza that Friday. Let me just tell you, I have never been so determined to complete something in my life. Working out for pizza is really dumb when you think about it, but that pizza was glorious (and also made me sick because I'm lactose intolerant).

    Chocolate covered almonds. I want to kiss and then kill whoever invented these evil little pieces of deliciousness. They are right up there with pizza in my books. My kryptonite 2.0.
    I was actually doing really well with not eating them or craving them, until I had a long day at the office and stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few veggies. I immediately headed to the bulk section to eat just ONE (yeah, I planned on 'stealing' it - oops). Karma really hated me this day because they were all sold out. However, I saw a few sitting in the little tray under the empty container... and I ate one. Don't judge me. Except it wasn't an almond, it was a gross chocolate covered jujube and I wanted to gag. This is clear proof to me that I shouldn't have tried to cheat.

    Who doesn't love the crap out of some cake? If you say you don't like cake, I say that you're full of lies. I have been really good with saying no to cake at all of our work functions this year, except for one... a few weeks ago. I was standing near the girl who was cutting the cake and she cut a piece and put it in my hand and told me to eat it. I looked down at the cake, looked back at her, then back down at the cake. She instantly remembered that I don't eat that crap heavenly deliciousness and tried to take the cake back from me. I looked at the cake, looked back at her, then kindly told her that it was already in my hands so I was going to eat it. And I did. And I felt amazing for 30 minutes. And then I crashed. And then I felt sick all night. Karma really isn't on my side with food.. and my body completely rejects all "unhealthy" food. It's kind of annoying.
Thanks for letting me take over your blog for the day, Beth. I appreciate it!


LatinaMamaPR said...

WOW...I love this BLOG. Keep working at it...you are an inspiration to all of us out there working on our weight. Thanks!

anothermileanothermemory said...

So sad to see you go, but you do what ya gotta Beth :) Blogging is a huge time suck, something I've been struggling with too actually. Have fun enjoying your big day coming up and all the fun stuff that comes after. I do hope to see your wedding dress when the day comes though!


Natalie Joseph said...

This is so encouraging! Thank you for sharing!!! x

shannon said...


Md Imran said...
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James Stein said...
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Tiffany said...

This is so inspiring! I recently started doing the Keto diet and I am down 2.8 lbs in 1.5 weeks! Keep up the good work :)


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