Sunday Sippin' with Annie from What She Saw

Good morning, friends! While I'm away on the final day of my bachelorette weekend (and probably awfully weepy, dropping all of my bests off at the airport), I'm leaving y'all in good hands. Annie, from What She Saw, has written a really beautiful, thoughtful piece on her travels in Kenya. One of those pieces that sits with you for a while. I think you will really enjoy it!

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it's red dirt beneath my feet.

mosoriot, kenya • 2013

i wish it were a mountain.

it's red dirt and he tells us mosoriot means "city of the mud;" no, it doesn't, really, but it should. it's red dirt everywhere, not just underneath my feet. the unfamiliar landscape whizzes by.

along kisumu road, kenya • 2013

it's my first time in africa and it's red dirt underneath my feet but when we get to where we're going, we're told to take our shoes off and even though my feet are placed firmly on tile floor, it's red dirt on my socks.

i wish it were a mountain.

i went to europe last year for the third time of four total. i rambled in the mountains surrounding madrid and segovia and toledo, and i loved it. it was my first time in all my travels that i was wandering a land of my ancestors, and it was purely magical, absolutely surreal.

san ildefonso, spain • 2012

also it was hot because spain in the summer has a love affair with ninety degrees. the good thing is they aren't friends with humidity. (humidity and michigan, on the other hand, are bff.)

two years before that, i went to honduras, where my mother's from, a place that feels like home even though i didn't grow up there and can't really claim it. and we rambled among the mountains there, in cool, cobblestoned santa rosa de copán, where what once was the second largest mayan city lies in stony ruins.
santa rosa de copán, honduras • 2010

it was a mountain in honduras; it was a mountain in spain; it was a mountain in kenya, but i didn't realize it until i went down to the valley.

because traveling to another people, when you go to meet them, to know them, will bond you to them, in a way that is unfathomable.

and i sat there, in the blazing heat of african winter sun, and i realized: the red dirt is the mountain underneath my feet.

choimim, kenya • 2013

on our last day in kenya we leave a prison filled with people who are in the valley, and i tear my mountain-hard heart away from their faces. and as we drive away, beginning the first small part of our journey north, i ponder kenya, and how the dirt has slipped in underneath my feet, crawling up, and reddened my tiny heart.

i'm a month back from kenya tomorrow and i'm still working through how that country has captured my soul.

traveling will seize you, grasp you tightly in its fingers, crawl up your spine and lay claim to you. i never wanted to go to africa, never understood what it meant to serve in a continent that we see so often as being shackled by poverty.

i found instead they are unfettered by materialism, wholeheartedly generous, unashamedly welcoming.

along kisumu road, kenya • 2013

it's red dirt beneath my feet.

but it also is the mountain.


annie wiltse is a twenty-two-year-old who studied english lit and history, with an unnecessarily large vocabulary and an addiction to eschewing capital letters. she sometimes uses the internet as a dartboard, frequently with words and occasionally with pictures. you can usually find her tweeting, reading, or scheming her next overseas adventure.


Kate Hall said...

This is a beautiful post :) My Dad lives in Kenya and you captured the essence of it all so well, made me want to go back for a visit!

Kate - diariesofanessexgirl.com

Natalie Britton said...

This really is a beautiful post. Gorgeous photographs. I recently wrote a guest post about my own adventures in Kenya, too :) ...


Rachael @ Pretty in Pink said...

I love Annie, she is such a gem :)
Hope your Bach weekend is going great! xo

Purple Ivy said...

I'm originally from Ghana and haven't been back for 10years now and looking at these pictures makes me miss it even more. Its very similar.


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