6 Months

6 months from TODAY I marry The Futurehubs!

Throwback... at a wedding in 2011. I can't wait to fit into that dress again, it's my Audrey Hepburn dress!

This makes me SO happy and SO anxious at the same time!
I can't wait to walk down the aisle and marry my best friend. I also realize that 6 months means crunch time!

We got a lot of our big planning done around Christmas while I was on break, which was a huge relief, but honestly wedding planning has been chunked to the backburner as I finish my last semester of grad school and H works like a mad man toward a promotion at work. Some days I literally don't even see him (even though we live together), because I work earlier and he works later. Obviously, that's not very conducive to wedding planning, and on top of that we're planning a wedding out of town.

The big stuff we have (pretty much) out of the way includes the venue, catering, bar, photograper, DJ, THE DRESS, the officiant, linen rentals, save the dates (already out) and invitations.

We still need to tackle the cake, atire for the wedding party (but my bridesmaids are picking out their own dresses), flowers, the rehearsal dinner, and registering. Plus the other million little things associated with a wedding.

I'm starting to feel really pressed to check a few of those last big things off my list, but I'm pretty positive it won't get any attention until after graduation in May.

Any advice on things I should DEFINITELY try to work on sooner rather than later?

In other news, I've been slacking on my April Intentions. Big time. I've felt really unmotivated this week. I just HAD to have emergency Mexican food one night and then last night somehow I just had wine for dinner, so there's that. 
AND I've been half-assing "workouts," so yesterday I made myself lace up headed outside to run some of the hills around our neighborhood.

I really need to get some actual running shoes. 

This hardly does the hills justice. The worst. 

Ugh. But I did it! It was far too beautiful outside to not soak up some sun. And now I can't walk, but it's ok. That's a good feeling sometimes.

I took our pup Roy with me, who turned out to be a terrible running buddy all around.
I brought TWO bags with me... and he pooed THREE times. The judgement I got from the entire family of neighbors staring at me while he did his business in their yard (as I unsuccessfully tried to figure out "can I borrow a plastic bag" in Spanish) will haunt me forever.


Hope y'all are having a lovely weekend so far!


Kristyn said...

YAH for only 6 months til your wedding day! We are planning a wedding out of town too, so I feel you. You have so much done, which must feel so good. I think registering should be done sooner than later, just so you can update your wedding website and get it on shower invites. And then I would say the rehearsal dinner. I think at least picking the place (even if you don't book it yet...finding the place can be daunting).

I am letting my maids pick their dresses too. I have to pick a color (haven't done that yet) and they can pick any shade they want.

I hope that helps a little bit!

Adriana said...

Wooo 6 months! It will go by quick but if it makes you feel better I'm in a wedding in June and they only will have a 6 month engagement! As in 6 months to plan EVERYTHING!

I just went for a run with my pup today, I brought 6 bags. Not lying. She didn't even go haha but now you know in this case especially- better safe than sorry! haha

Perfectly Jenn said...

So exciting being 6 months out! Our wedding was in Dallas while living in Austin so I get the stress of planning out of town. I would definitely start working on the cake and the flowers just in case time runs too close.
Sounds like you're right on track though and I love that your girls get to pick their dresses

Rochelle said...

Congrats on your wedding that is soon approaching!! I recently found your blog and love it!! I recently got engaged and we are trying to decide when/where to get married. I'm from San Antonio and was thinking of getting married there so I will probably be in your shoes soon planning a wedding in another city.

Amy in Austin said...

We live out in Steiner Ranch, and I use the hills as a constant excuse to not get out there to run. I need to put my big girl panties and just do it. Good for you for making it happen! It was a gorgeous weekend to be outside.

Sounds like you've got the planning under control. My only advice is not to register too early. Wait until a couple of weeks before your first shower. I registered 5 weeks before our wedding, and Pottery Barn is already out of several things that I was really excited about. Just know that you might have to make a few adjustments to the list.

Marcia said...

Congrats on your impending nuptials, how exciting!

I take our pups on runs - its an adventure to say the least, so I feel your pain!


andsoidid said...

I am at the two month mark before my wedding! Yikes! It's close. I know the impending doom feeling very well and I'm starting to think it will never leave. Hah!

Definitely register. You will tweak what you want often, so make sure to register for a lot. Also, flowers are fun and pretty easy. CAKE! Yumm! Do the fun things when you're feeling overwhelmed about it and it won't feel like so much work.

Just found your blog, and love it! :)

The Not Quite Military Wife said...

I would recommend getting your bridesmaids dresses done sooner rather than later. If they pick them out at a bridal store, they can take months to make. It always seems that getting all the girls to get measured and pick out a dress can take awhile too. Good luck with all of your planing!

Krystal Ankawi said...

CONGRATS! Our weddings are one day apart! Mine is October 5th :-) I am definitely feeling the pressure right now!

Don't feel terrible, our Save the Date's will be out in a couple of weeks and I have yet to go to a florist and we JUST did our cake tasting over the weekend...ooops.

Lindsay@cowboybootsandanapron said...

Ok I'm dying at the doggy poo because this has happened to me and I got my dog to wiggle to the road...I didn't have a bag...oops....also I loooovvvve Audrey Hepburn she is my absolute fave!!! Can we say breakfast at Tiffany's?... Ps you may have known this about me based on the amount of Tiffany blue on my blog ;-) visited my first Tiffany's last month....no pretties though!! :-( not yet anyway lol

Xoxo, lindsay

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