I have many different drafts of this post written up. Some are dramatic, some are biting, some are whiny. Thing is, this doesn't need to be any of those things.

After going back and forth for a few months now, I've decided to take an indefinite hiatus from blogging. 

There really isn't one reason to pin my decision on. Long story short, I'm just not getting what I used to out of it, and it's felt like a chore to keep up with. Don't mistake that to mean I haven't gained wonderful things from blogging, because there was a time when it was exactly what I needed. I just... got caught up in doing it for the wrong reasons.

I started a blog because I thought I was a decent writer and could write about something that a lot of people could relate to. I still believe those things, but a whole lot of other stuff got in the way. People who say that numbers don't matter are kidding themselves, but I got obsessed with them more than most. In an effort to simplify my life as I prepare for some big changes, I need to take a step back, reevaluate, and get a game plan. Blogging just doesn't fit into that plan right now.

Someone recently blogged/tweeted/instagramed (I wish I could remember, to give credit) something questioning the "lifespan" of a blog, and that made me think a lot. Hang On, Honey, as it stands, has reached the end of it's lifespan. (And what a short little lifespan it was!) But I say "indefinite," because maybe someday I'll get back into writing. Or maybe I never will. The content is still important to me, but the direction my blog has taken is not. I do know that if Hang On, Honey is revived, I'll go about doing it in an entirely different way.

I've made some really wonderful connections from blogging, and have had some really cool opportunities. Those land in the "pros" column of my "should I/shouldn't I" debate. Thank you to all of the people who read daily, and to all of the people that helped to make this little blog pretty darn successful.

See ya later, nerds.

All my love, Beth

Sunday Sippin' with Faith from Cause You Gotta Have Faith

Morning, kiddos! I'm so excited to be publishing this Sunday Sippin' series from the wonderful Faith, who blogs over at Cause You Gotta Have Faith. Girlfriend is seriously kicking butt and taking names with the whole getting fit thing, and is looking amazing. Take it away, my dear!


Hi hang on, honey readers! My name is Faith, and I blog over at 'Cause You Gotta Have Faith. Beth was gracious enough to let me take over her blog today and I will do my best not to disappoint!

One thing that Beth and I have in common, is that we are currently working on our fitness.
A quick back story about me - I have been fat overweight my entire life. I was never skinny, average, or even healthy at any point in my life. Always fat. I decided that enough was enough earlier this year and started focusing on eating clean and exercising 4-5x per week. I am currently about half way to my goal weight and I'm aiming to reach that goal in early 2014.

When I shared the truth about my weight on my blog, I called it The Vulnerable Truth, because I truly felt as though I was 'coming out' of the closet, if you will. I've done three posts that you can find: here, here, and here.

I'm currently doing a 90-day challenge with my roommate. The premises of which, clearly states that we CANNOT cheat during these 90 days. No alcohol, only 'clean' foods, and working out 6 days per week. Let me just tell you, this challenge is no joke... But I know that it's necessary. During this whole weight-loss process, and even so far in this 90-Day challenge, I have discovered that I truly crave bad foods at the most in-opportune times.

I don't know about you, but I could honestly go forever without 'craving' something, but the moment that I'm not supposed to have it, or I'm told that I can't, I instantly want it. Every day, I choose to eat clean and not fill my body with junk... but there are times when I really just want to eat all of the bad things I can get my hands on. Watching coworkers eat pizza, or kit-kat bars, even sandwiches, sucks balls (sorry for saying balls, Beth). 99.9% of the time I won't give in... but that other 0.1% of the time - watch out. I have no shame. Here are three of my weaknesses:

    Pizza. Oh, pizza. It is my weakness. It is my kryptonite. It is just too delicious, and now that I'm writing about it, I'm craving it.
    I was craving pizza really badly one day, and it wouldn't go away. I kept pushing the thought out of my mind and it would just come right back. This continued for 3 days before I finally gave in and told myself I would eat pizza. However, I felt like I truly needed to earn it. So I challenged myself: 1,000 squats in 4 days and I could have pizza that Friday. Let me just tell you, I have never been so determined to complete something in my life. Working out for pizza is really dumb when you think about it, but that pizza was glorious (and also made me sick because I'm lactose intolerant).

    Chocolate covered almonds. I want to kiss and then kill whoever invented these evil little pieces of deliciousness. They are right up there with pizza in my books. My kryptonite 2.0.
    I was actually doing really well with not eating them or craving them, until I had a long day at the office and stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few veggies. I immediately headed to the bulk section to eat just ONE (yeah, I planned on 'stealing' it - oops). Karma really hated me this day because they were all sold out. However, I saw a few sitting in the little tray under the empty container... and I ate one. Don't judge me. Except it wasn't an almond, it was a gross chocolate covered jujube and I wanted to gag. This is clear proof to me that I shouldn't have tried to cheat.

    Who doesn't love the crap out of some cake? If you say you don't like cake, I say that you're full of lies. I have been really good with saying no to cake at all of our work functions this year, except for one... a few weeks ago. I was standing near the girl who was cutting the cake and she cut a piece and put it in my hand and told me to eat it. I looked down at the cake, looked back at her, then back down at the cake. She instantly remembered that I don't eat that crap heavenly deliciousness and tried to take the cake back from me. I looked at the cake, looked back at her, then kindly told her that it was already in my hands so I was going to eat it. And I did. And I felt amazing for 30 minutes. And then I crashed. And then I felt sick all night. Karma really isn't on my side with food.. and my body completely rejects all "unhealthy" food. It's kind of annoying.
Thanks for letting me take over your blog for the day, Beth. I appreciate it!

You Might be Planning a Wedding if...

I'm exactly one month away from my wedding, so I've officially hit that phase where I have lost my dang mind over the planning. My friends, family, and fiance have all been patient with me, but have started to respond with "You might be planning a wedding if" anytime I do something crazy.

1. You talk about hotel blocks like they're as exciting as awesome concert tickets or a new fancy camera.

2. You start calling people by their formal names after having seen them so many times on you guest list spreadsheet.

3. You can't remember what you had for lunch or what your plans are that day, but you know the schedule of "the big day" down to the seconds.

4. You listen to the radio and automatically categorize the songs as good or not good for the reception.

5. You expect to be able to "taste" everything at a restaurant before you make your final decision.

6. You can rattle off relative's addresses off the top of your head, you've written them down so many times.

7. You blog about your wedding nightmares.

8. You say "I'm not going to talk about the wedding today" and you proceed to talk about the wedding,  all day.

9. You learn to speak Italian simply by decoding the broken-English emails you get from the people you're trying to book your Rome honeymoon with.

10. You start to just tell family members that overwhelm you with questions about details, "I don't know, but I know there's an open bar."

*Note: this was originally a guest post on the BEAUTIFUL Stevie's blog. She just got married, so girlfriend knows alllll about what I'm talking about! 


Blog // Bloglovin' // Twitter // Instagram // Facebook

Meet a fellow bride-to-be, Kristyn! She blogs over at Chits & Giggles (and I DIE over the name every time I read it), and is pretty much a pro at this wedding planning stuff. She has a bunch of posts that really spell out the whole process, like this post about how to choose a wedding DJ and how to pick your bridal party

I feel like I have a lot in common with Kristyn for other reasons, too, because she loves a lot of my favorite things. And by favorite things, I mean college football, shopping, and KITTIES. No seriously, her cat GUEST POSTED on her blog and I was totally rolling. Hilarious. 

She also has had a lot of success with Weight Watchers, and is open and honest about the struggles of losing weight on her blog. Her post about being "plus sized" really hit home for me, and I thought it was such a badass post. She also talks about how hard to get back on the wagon with weight loss, which I can totally relate to. Girlfriend is looking AMAZING now, though, and will be the most beautiful bride. 

Head on over to her blog and say hello! 

Bachelorette Weekend: The Best That Ever Was

32 days until the wedding.

Pardon me while I go have a minor panic attack. Until then, here are a few bits and pieces from the best weekend that ever was.

My best friends are just about as spread out as possible, but all of my girls hopped on planes or in a car to have one last romp with me before the wedding. I can't even begin to talk about what a lucky, lucky, girl I am to have somehow surrounded myself with the very best ladies I could ever hope for, and I could not have asked for a better bridal shower and bachelorette party. They're pretty darn amazing.

We spent the weekend at the most adorable rental house in the Texas hill country, drinking wine and telling outrageous stories. I spent the better part of Sunday recovering on the couch at home, but would do it all over again in heartbeat. Too much fun was had. 

I don't have a ton of pictures yet, but as they trickle in from the other girls maybe I'll post a few more! Please ignore the terrible quality, they're all from my phone.


Linking up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans! 


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Meet Sara, from You & Me Are We. (Isn't that the sweetest name?) Girlfriend writes about all sorts of things, and there's definitely a little something for everyone on her blog. She has drool-worthy recipes like Chocolate Zucchini Bread and Easy Mexican Slow-Cooker Chicken, and I'm DYING to try this Lemon Puppy Chow. (Puppy Chow in any form is THE BEST.) She also has adorable DIY projects, like this sweet idea for a bridal shower gift or these DIY hairties. (I LOVE these hair ties.) She's also a newlywed, and has great free date night ideas. So head on over and say hello! 

Sunday Sippin' with Annie from What She Saw

Good morning, friends! While I'm away on the final day of my bachelorette weekend (and probably awfully weepy, dropping all of my bests off at the airport), I'm leaving y'all in good hands. Annie, from What She Saw, has written a really beautiful, thoughtful piece on her travels in Kenya. One of those pieces that sits with you for a while. I think you will really enjoy it!

Wanna get in on the Sunday Sippin' action? You can either get a "Sunday Sippin'" spot through a Bottle of Vino ad space, or the newly created "Sunday Sippin'" Guest Post option! You get to write about anything your little heart desires. 

it's red dirt beneath my feet.

mosoriot, kenya • 2013

i wish it were a mountain.

it's red dirt and he tells us mosoriot means "city of the mud;" no, it doesn't, really, but it should. it's red dirt everywhere, not just underneath my feet. the unfamiliar landscape whizzes by.

along kisumu road, kenya • 2013

it's my first time in africa and it's red dirt underneath my feet but when we get to where we're going, we're told to take our shoes off and even though my feet are placed firmly on tile floor, it's red dirt on my socks.

i wish it were a mountain.

i went to europe last year for the third time of four total. i rambled in the mountains surrounding madrid and segovia and toledo, and i loved it. it was my first time in all my travels that i was wandering a land of my ancestors, and it was purely magical, absolutely surreal.

san ildefonso, spain • 2012

also it was hot because spain in the summer has a love affair with ninety degrees. the good thing is they aren't friends with humidity. (humidity and michigan, on the other hand, are bff.)

two years before that, i went to honduras, where my mother's from, a place that feels like home even though i didn't grow up there and can't really claim it. and we rambled among the mountains there, in cool, cobblestoned santa rosa de copán, where what once was the second largest mayan city lies in stony ruins.
santa rosa de copán, honduras • 2010

it was a mountain in honduras; it was a mountain in spain; it was a mountain in kenya, but i didn't realize it until i went down to the valley.

because traveling to another people, when you go to meet them, to know them, will bond you to them, in a way that is unfathomable.

and i sat there, in the blazing heat of african winter sun, and i realized: the red dirt is the mountain underneath my feet.

choimim, kenya • 2013

on our last day in kenya we leave a prison filled with people who are in the valley, and i tear my mountain-hard heart away from their faces. and as we drive away, beginning the first small part of our journey north, i ponder kenya, and how the dirt has slipped in underneath my feet, crawling up, and reddened my tiny heart.

i'm a month back from kenya tomorrow and i'm still working through how that country has captured my soul.

traveling will seize you, grasp you tightly in its fingers, crawl up your spine and lay claim to you. i never wanted to go to africa, never understood what it meant to serve in a continent that we see so often as being shackled by poverty.

i found instead they are unfettered by materialism, wholeheartedly generous, unashamedly welcoming.

along kisumu road, kenya • 2013

it's red dirt beneath my feet.

but it also is the mountain.


annie wiltse is a twenty-two-year-old who studied english lit and history, with an unnecessarily large vocabulary and an addiction to eschewing capital letters. she sometimes uses the internet as a dartboard, frequently with words and occasionally with pictures. you can usually find her tweeting, reading, or scheming her next overseas adventure.
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