Mix-and-Match Bridesmaids || How to Get the Look

After posting a few of our wedding photos, I was legitimately surprised by the number of people who commented on my bridesmaids' dresses. With so many different personalities and so many different preferences, I knew I didn't feel good about sticking all of my friends in the exact same dress and expecting them to all feel fabulous. I also wanted them to wear something that they would be more likely to wear again! (Yeah, yeah, yeah, all brides say that you can totally re-wear the bridesmaids dress, but little Lisa in the gold dress just rocked it again at an awards show!) Their look was absolutely one of my favorite parts about how the wedding turned out, and I'm thrilled I had such positive feedback about their look.

I had a couple questions in my inbox about how I was able to mix and match their dresses so well, and the answer to that is sort of two-fold.

The short answer is: my bridesmaids are awesome.

But the long answer is: it takes some planning on your end. And by that, I mean that you can't just tell your ladies "pick whatever you want but make sure to look fabulous!" and expect a coherent, cohesive look. (Really, that's just sort of terrifying and gives me like a full blown anxiety attack thinking about having to pick out a dress for someone's wedding and being responsible for the entire look of the day.)

While I wanted my girlfriends to have something they loved, I put some parameters on it to help them find a dress that both fit my vision and also made them feel beautiful. Some really important things to consider when giving guidelines for a mix-and-match bridesmaid dress:

Color. Probably the most crucial specifications you can give your friends is the color or theme they should look for. Make it easy for them -- I went to Home Depot and picked out paint chips in colors that I thought would coordinate. I think I gave them about 8 colors on the blush/coral spectrum, and then noted that I would love if at least one of them was in a gold dress. This way, they could literally take the paint chips out shopping with them to make sure the dress would match. Trust me: just saying "navy!" could result in about 20 different, clashing shades of navy.

Length/style. I kept this one relatively simple, saying I wanted them in short dress, because Texas. (I got married in October but you bet your ass it was still hot outside.) I also requested they avoid anything with sleeves, and outlined my vision of the ensemble -- romantic, flowy, and glamorous.

Materials. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of satin in any form. Maybe it stems from the forever-regret I had after wearing it to a homecoming dance and subsequently being haunted by picture after picture of my massive wrinkles, but still. Not a fan. So I let my girlfriends know that I wasn't into having it in my wedding, and they easily acted accordingly! And I didn't have forever-regret about my wedding pictures. It's also certainly easier to list the fabrics you don't want, rather than telling them all they have to be in taffeta.

While it may be easy to give these instructions and sort of teeter on bridezilla territory, you don't have to be that bride. I included this information in my bridesmaid-ask boxes, along with an introduction of all my bridesmaids, info about our day, the paint chips, nail polish to match the theme, and of course, champagne.

What other tips do you think would be helpful when going for a mix-and-match bridesmaids theme? 


Girl Crush | The Page Girls

As bloggers, we get a lot of emails in our inboxes with this and that company requesting that we post something about them on our website. It's a rare pitch that can catch my attention before I hit the delete button... but The Page Girls had me at "a lit mag for women with an emphasis on friendship, books, and cocktails."


Intrigued, I chatted a little bit with Cecily (one of the founders) and realized I was developing a little bit of a girl crush. As I perused The Page Girls site, I found a collection of essays and videos and snippets that I loved so much that I found myself repeatedly thinking: "Oh! I need to send this article to Lisa." "Gah, this one would make Erin die laughing." "Kristin would love this video."

And I realized why I kept thinking those things: The girls behind The Page Girls are a group of 5 best friends who make you feel like you're hanging out with your own bests when you read their content.

My newfound friends are celebrating their birthday this week, and HoH is thrilled to be partying it up with them! Cecily graciously gave me an e-book and some darling coasters (for the cocktail you'll be drinking while you catch up their latest issue, of course) to giveaway to a reader who wants to celebrate with them too.

So I've got a little assignment for you, girlfriends. First, watch this hilarious video and try to find something nice to say about your least favorite person. (Mine? He has... is tall and could probably change a lightbulb easily?) Second, since we're talking about girlfriends, check out these vows of female friendship and probably laugh out loud then immediately share it with your best friend. Finally, enter below to win a e-book written by miss Cecily herself (which I picked out for y'all!), An Imaginary House by the Sea, AND a pack of cute coasters.

(And no, I did not receive compensation for this post. They're THAT great!)

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Top 5 "Austiny" Restaurants in Austin

This Wednesday is likely the longest Wednesday in the history of Wednesday. It's probably a little bit in part because Hunter and I decided to act like adults and drink a gallon of wine on a Tuesday night, but mostly because MY BEST FRIENDS ARE COMING TO AUSTIN THE WEEKEND and the week has decided to torture me by dragging on and on and on. 

I love having company. I also love living in a city that has that "cool" factor and ipso facto makes me a little bit cooler to visit. (Actually, probably not because I don't think cool people use the word "cool" anymore, but I digress.) And the best part about having company in a cool city? I get to eat at all of my favorite restaurants at once. 

This workday ended up being dedicated to planning our weekend Food Tour de Austin, and I realized that there are some really fantastic restaurants in Austin that the random traveler (or resident!) may not know of or think to visit. Of course there are the classics like Kerby Lane, Salt Lick, and Magnolia Cafe, but some newer and smaller places have quietly become my favorite eateries to introduce friends to. Each has a very "Austiny" vibe -- eclectic, charming, probably a little hipster, and delicious. 

G'Raj Mahal

Hang On, Honey's Top 5 "Austiny" Restaurants in Austin

1. Hopdoddy Burger Bar
Okay, okay, so maybe starting off my list with one of THE most popular spots in Austin is sort of defeating the purpose of my "small, quaint, charming" restaurant list, but it had to be done. Oh my sweet heavens, a burger from Hopdoddy's is better than anything you've ever eaten before. Guarantee it, and so will all the people waiting in the line that wraps around the building morning noon and night. (Nope, not exaggerating. The line really is that long BUT it passes the bar so it's a win-win.) Everything they sell is all-natural,  hand-cut/baked/ground, and seriously tasty. 

2. Blue Dahlia Bistro
Tucked away in the newly redeveloped East 11th Street, this place will charm the pants off of you. I remember the first time a friend brought me to this sweet little European bistro and instructed me to order the hummus tartine, add brie... girlfriend knows what's up because it was phenomenal. And something about calling open-faced sandwiches fancy tartines makes me feel very Parisian and sophisticated and entirely too into myself. But yes, communal-style farm tables,  local ingredients, and a stylish staff makes Blue Dahlia a must for any foodie visiting Austin. 

3. Winflo Osteria 
I was just introduced to this gem on my sister-in-law's birthday - she has a friend that started working there so we had been wanting to try, and let me tell you, I've found my new brunch place. Granted, we went at dinner, but I can totally picture myself drinking far too many mimosas on their covered patio beneath the giant oak trees. The food was killer... I ate all of my bistecca al pepe (fancy!) AND pretty much all of Hunter's cavatelli. (What's his is mine, and what's mine is mine. Marriage.) Upon further inspection, we also realized they have a basement music venue called The Listening Room where you can get dinner and a show, and I fell in love all over again. 

4. G'Raj Mahal
Listen, I'm not and Indian food expert. In fact, I hadn't even tried it until about a year ago when my Indian friend Priya convinced me to try it and proceeded to order everything for me like a mom would for her four year old. I also don't eat anything with curry in it, because, yuck. (An unpopular opinion, I know.) But, BUT, this place made me a believer. Really, they had me at "garlic naan," but this food truck turned outdoor restaurant has got some seriously delicious eats and an outstanding atmosphere. I still can't order for myself, but G'Raj Mahal (Garage? Food truck? Get it?) is one of our favorite places to go with a big group and hang out on a patio. Heads up, though - they used to be BYOB but now they're not. We learned that the hard way after we lugged a cooler down Rainey Street like cool kids. 

5. Hillside Farmacy
Another East 11th favorite, Hillside Farmacy is the farm-to-table restaurant of your dreams. The decor alone lands it a place on my list (check out this engagement photo session done there! I die.), because the old 1950's drugstore (also called Hillside!) turned restaurant is truly beautiful. They have a special on oysters and champagne every Monday night, which makes Mondays decidedly cooler. I also fully endorse their mac 'n cheese, but don't tell my diet. We'll be brunching at Hillside Farmacy this weekend, see you there!

Have you ever visited Austin? What were your favorite spots? Let me know if I missed one!


The Wedding Post | October 6

There's something about weddings that just make me so... happy. I haven't ever had a bad day that couldn't be righted by a perusing of Style Me Pretty, because who doesn't love pretty things? And a wedding combines pretty things with people that are so in love, which is pretty much the best combination, if you ask me.

And what do you know, we had a wedding of our own not too long ago! I thought I'd share a few of my favorite photographs from our day. 


Giveaway | A Custom Fitness Plan from BBFITLIFE

A couple of weeks ago I introduced y'all to Bry and her website BBFITLIFE, where she offers custom fitness plans and support to clients. (I wrote more about my thoughts on her fitness plans here!)

Today I'm thrilled to be able to offer you guys the opportunity to win a BBFITLIFE fitness plan for FREE! This includes an online consultation with Bry where she will determine the best fitness plan for your needs, and then a high quality PDF workout plan including several days worth of workouts, tips, and tricks. If you're looking for a way to jump start a new, healthy lifestyle, Bry's your girl!

Entry is simple! See the raflecopter below. 

Happy Friday, kids! 

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